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Puppy health advice, tips, tricks, and ideas.

puppy not eating - lying on the floor feature image

Puppy Not Eating? Here Are Some Potential Reasons Why

Breakfast and lunch have passed, and yet there’s still a full bowl of kibble . . . Why is your puppy not...
Puppy Ear Care

Puppy Ear Care: The Ultimate Guide

Puppy ears come in all shapes and dimensions: from delightfully small and pointy to adorably oversized. They’re an important part of your...
puppy choking - puppy eating a carrot

Puppy Choking: What To Do!

Unfortunately, puppy choking is a very common emergency, particularly if they are left alone with toys or hard chews! So, do you...
Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Paw Care

Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Paw Care

Why Puppy Paw Care Is Important Your puppy loves to run and jump and...
puppy being seen by the vet - puppy bloat symptoms

What Is Puppy Bloat?

You may have heard of fellow dog owners mention this life-threatening emergency, but what exactly is puppy bloat?
Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies - puppy chewing a flower

5 Common Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies

Plants are on trend for home and garden decor right now but do you have any plants that are poisonous to puppies...
puppy stretching for high value puppy treats

High Value Puppy Treats You Can Find At Home

High value puppy treats are the kind that your puppy finds irresistible, makes training a total breeze, and doesn’t break the bank.
How to stop a puppy chewing the wrong things feature image - puppy chewing a stick

How To Stop A Puppy Chewing The Wrong Things

It’s a common misconception that you need to stop a puppy chewing, but the truth is, there is a difference between destructive...
puppy holding head down in between paws, a sign of separation anxiety in puppies

Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Puppies

One of the most common issues new owners face is separation anxiety in puppies. Every puppy will express...
puppy crate training and toilet training feature image - puppies under the dock

How Puppy Crate Training Can Help Toilet Training

Did you know that crate training and toilet training go hand-in-hand when housebreaking a new puppy? This is primarily due to the...