Tuesday, November 24, 2020
developing bite inhibition with puppies - dog biting other dog tail in play

Developing Bite Inhibition in Puppies

Training specifically for bite inhibition in puppies is an essential part of overall obedience, setting great guidelines for them in the future....
puppy holding head down in between paws, a sign of separation anxiety in puppies

Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Puppies

One of the most common issues new owners face is separation anxiety in puppies. Every puppy will express...
puppy stretching for high value puppy treats

High Value Puppy Treats You Can Find At Home

High value puppy treats are the kind that your puppy finds irresistible, makes training a total breeze, and doesn’t break the bank.
shar pei with a clock - puppy feeding schedule feature image

Creating the Perfect Puppy Feeding Schedule

A puppy feeding schedule is not just for humans! When still reliant on its mother, a feeding dog will have already figured...
puppy crate training and toilet training feature image - puppies under the dock

How Puppy Crate Training Can Help Toilet Training

Did you know that crate training and toilet training go hand-in-hand when housebreaking a new puppy? This is primarily due to the...
puppy sport ideas - puppy running over hurdles

7 Energetic Puppy Sports Ideas

Puppies are bundles of energy! They need loads of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. But, you need to keep things...
puppy puzzle toys feature, puppy chewing on the grass

Puppy Puzzle Toys To Combat Destructive Boredom

If you’re going out for a little while, or even just leaving the room, puppy puzzle toys are a great idea to...
golden retriever puppy outside for puppy toilet training

Puppy Toilet Training: Positively Housebreaking In Under a Week

Puppy toilet training can be difficult for some, and easy for others. But it’s something new puppy owners are often nervous about!...
cartoon of puppy not wanting to train - 3 reasons your puppy training isn't working feature

3 Reasons Your Puppy Training Isn’t Working

It doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve right now if you're puppy training isn't working, here are three big reasons why...
puppy brain games feature image puppy carrying black toy

5 Puppy Brain Games for Stimulating Your Pup

Puppies are good at running and playing physical games that are good for physical exercise. Your puppy, however, also needs mental exercise....