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Puppy home life care. Preparing and keeping your home with a puppy, as well as ideas to enrich your puppy’s home life.

poodle siting on sofa - puppy shedding feature image on the puppy toolbox

Protecting Your Home from Puppy Shedding

Puppy shedding is different to dog shedding. All puppies will lose their ‘puppy’ coat, even the hypoallergenic breeds.
cartoon of puppy not wanting to train - 3 reasons your puppy training isn't working feature

3 Reasons Your Puppy Training Isn’t Working

It doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve right now if you're puppy training isn't working, here are three big reasons why...
two cute puppies together - puppy teenager feature image

How To Deal With A Puppy Teenager

Most dog owners would agree that living with a puppy teenager is almost as stressful as a human teenager. Hence the name...
pair of poodle puppies - hypoallergenic puppies feature - examples

Hypoallergenic Puppies: Myths And Facts

Hypoallergenic puppies are being discussed a lot right now. With dog-lovers trying to opt for breeds that won't set off asthma, or...
puppy lifestyle changes - two rottweilers on fence.

The Many Puppy Life Stages You Need To Know

Puppies grow so fast, it’s hard to notices the stages they go through. A puppy’s life stages may only be weeks apart,...
bunch of tiny puppies together. - the ultimate guide to puppy crate training

The Ultimate Guide to Puppy Crate Training

If you’re reading this puppy crate training guide, you’ve probably just welcomed a puppy into your home, or you’re counting down the...
puppy and girl in a 'glen. Essential Puppy care for beginners

New Puppy? Essential Puppy Care for Beginners

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you just got a puppy or are looking into getting one. So here’s the essential puppy...
french bulldog puppy. puppy toilet training tips feature image

5 Pro Puppy Toilet Training Tips

Puppy toilet training tips are easy to come by, but what actually works? Puppies and their potty time is so darn sweet...
homemade puppy treat recipe feature image - pug with treat in his mouth

3 Homemade Puppy Treat Recipes

When you get a puppy, you may find that there’s a lot of training involved. When training is happening, puppy treats can...
puppy hanging head out of car window - puppy travel tips feature image

5 Puppy Travel Tips For Your First Vacation

Travelling can be stressful for anyone; add a puppy into the equation and it’s nearly guaranteed. To avoid added stress and to...