Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Puppy home life care. Preparing and keeping your home with a puppy, as well as ideas to enrich your puppy’s home life.

puppy resource guarding, puppy showing teeth

Puppy Resource Guarding: What To Do

Is your puppy resource guarding? Why do they do it, and how can you train them to stop? Puppy...
Puppies with double coats - border collie pup

How to Care for Puppies with Double Coats

Puppies with double coats have two layers of fur. The underlayer consists of short fuzzy hairs and is very...
Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies - puppy chewing a flower

5 Common Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies

Plants are on trend for home and garden decor right now but do you have any plants that are poisonous to puppies...
puppy starter equipment

The Ultimate Puppy Starter Equipment List

To welcome your puppy into their new home, you have to plan ahead and research everything you might need. Which can get...
puppy birthday party with a french bulldog and spaniel

Planning Your First Puppy Birthday Party

Yes, a puppy birthday party is a thing (and we’ve even seen puppy cake smashes too!) But how do you actually go...
poodle siting on sofa - puppy shedding feature image on the puppy toolbox

Protecting Your Home from Puppy Shedding

Puppy shedding is different to dog shedding. All puppies will lose their ‘puppy’ coat, even the hypoallergenic breeds.
cartoon of puppy not wanting to train - 3 reasons your puppy training isn't working feature

3 Reasons Your Puppy Training Isn’t Working

It doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve right now if you're puppy training isn't working, here are three big reasons why...
two cute puppies together - puppy teenager feature image

How To Deal With A Puppy Teenager

Most dog owners would agree that living with a puppy teenager is almost as stressful as a human teenager. Hence the name...
pair of poodle puppies - hypoallergenic puppies feature - examples

Hypoallergenic Puppies: Myths And Facts

Hypoallergenic puppies are being discussed a lot right now. With dog-lovers trying to opt for breeds that won't set off asthma, or...
puppy lifestyle changes - two rottweilers on fence.

The Many Puppy Life Stages You Need To Know

Puppies grow so fast, it’s hard to notices the stages they go through. A puppy’s life stages may only be weeks apart,...