Saturday, September 26, 2020
Puppy fetch training feature image - dog fetching frisbee on the grass

Beginner Puppy Fetch Training

The most popular training 'trick' is puppy fetch training. If you teach this to your dog properly, it's such a great foundation...
Two puppies sitting on each other - puppy socialization tips feature image

The Fundamentals of Puppy Socialization

A key part of training is to start puppy socialization straight away. The first three months of a canine’s life is crucial...
two puppies sitting next to each other for puppy socialization tips post

5 Puppy Socialization Tips You Need to Know

The best puppy socialization tips will tell you that it needs to happen in the early stages of their little lives. Have...
puppy down training feature image - puppy looking up at the camera on the grass

Beginner Puppy Down Training

Learning puppy down training is a great way to teach boundaries to your pup. Teaching the 'down' command can be the prelude...