Monday, May 16, 2022
Puppy Beach Etiquette: First Beach Visit

Puppy Beach Etiquette: Your First Beach Visit

It’s important to teach puppy beach etiquette from the first visit. You, your family, and your puppy can enjoy the beach together as long...
army inspired puppy names with dog sitting in tank

100+ Army Inspired Puppy Names

If you want army inspired puppy names to honour a loved one serving, or just because you love the military, we’ve got you covered!...
puppy in cute outfits

Should I Put My Puppy in Cute Outfits?

Seeing a puppy in cute outfits is absolutely adorable, we can all agree. Yet is this really necessary, or is it for our own...
puppy birthday party with a french bulldog and spaniel

Planning Your First Puppy Birthday Party

Yes, a puppy birthday party is a thing (and we’ve even seen puppy cake smashes too!) But how do you actually go about planning...
puppy sport ideas - puppy running over hurdles

7 Energetic Puppy Sports Ideas

Puppies are bundles of energy! They need loads of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. But, you need to keep things interesting! As...
puppy puzzle toys feature, puppy chewing on the grass

Puppy Puzzle Toys To Combat Destructive Boredom

If you’re going out for a little while, or even just leaving the room, puppy puzzle toys are a great idea to keep the...
puppy tugging a rope - free puppy training videos feature image

Best 10 Free Puppy Training Videos

Training is key for your puppy, no matter what breed or age they are, so here are the best free puppy training videos around!...
Puppy eating a bone - puppy food enrichment ideas featured image

Puppy Food Enrichment Ideas To Ease Boredom

Enrichment is an important part of your puppy’s life. In addition to adequate space, care and exercise, you also need to provide the right...
puppy in bow tie and suit. Puppies in weddings feature image

9 Cute Videos of Dogs & Puppies In Weddings

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate puppies in weddings. They can be ring bearers, ‘bridepups’ or ‘groomspooches’ or just be included on...