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Plants are on trend for home and garden decor right now but do you have any plants that are poisonous to puppies in your home or garden? If the answer is yes it’s an accident waiting to happen!

There are many common household and plants that are highly toxic to your puppy that you might not even know about. Some can make them sick or are even fatal! It’s important to keep any plants that are poisonous to puppies out of reach, but to be honest, it’s safer to get rid of them altogether!

Here’s the top 5 to watch out for!

#1 Flame Lily (Gloriosa superba)

First of all, most lilies are toxic. Even though the flame lily is a very beautiful and ornamental plant, it is highly poisonous to your puppy. While you usually find this flowering plant outside, it can be grown indoors.

The most toxic part is the tuber, or underground stem; however, all parts are toxic to any dog. This plant has also been used to purposely poison or induce abortions in dogs, as well as to kill them. So absolutely avoid!

fire lily Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies

#2 Oleander

The oleander plant doesn’t need any introduction. It is a very popular plant, grown both outdoors as well as indoors. Unfortunately, it is highly toxic if ingested, for puppies as well as humans!  

All parts of the plant are poisonous and can cause diarrhea, colic, sweating, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, difficulty with coordination, muscle tremors, and even heart failure, causing death. So this is definitely one to avoid.

Oleander - Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies

#3 Strelitzia (Bird-of-Paradise)

The Strelitzia, or bird-of-paradise, is an amazingly beautiful plant that is a native to South Africa. It is grown as either an outdoor or indoor plant, but it is highly toxic to your puppy as it contains hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid).

Hydrogen cyanide can cause drowsiness, mild nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, and death. Please keep this plant out of reach of your children as well as your furry friends!

bird of paradise - Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies

#4 Desert Rose (Adenium)

The desert rose is an alluring and gorgeous succulent plant. It belongs to the oleander family and originates from eastern Africa. It is frequently cultured to be an ornamental plant and is grown outside and in pots in the home.  

It is one of the many poisonous plants for dogs. All the parts of the plant are toxic, including the sap. It causes diarrhea, vomiting, depression, irregular heartbeat, and even death if you ingest it in higher amounts.   

#5 Eucalyptus

If you love the smell of eucalyptus or use it for health benefits, please be aware of its toxicity to dogs. Although a favourite of the Koala, the eucalyptus oil can cause your puppy’s mood to change as well as cause lethargy or irritation to your dog.  

All parts of the plant are toxic, but the oil extremely so. Even breathing in the scent from the oil is highly toxic for your puppy. This toxin can cause diarrhea, vomiting, salivation, lethargy, and depression, as well as death in some cases.

eucalyptus - Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies


While all five poisonous plants listed above are highly toxic to your puppy, there are many, many more. Keep in mind that some plants are less toxic than others, but the ones listed above are known to be extremely poisonous to puppies.

If you are a dog lover and a plant lover, please do your research on the plants you have or are wanting to purchase so as not to bring potentially harmful poisons into your pet-filled home or garden. You and your furry friends will both be much happier for it!


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