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Learning puppy down training is a great way to teach boundaries to your pup. Teaching the ‘down’ command can be the prelude to being calm when you have guests, to sit patiently and wait for treats, or to learn when it’s time to sit down and wait for you to return.

Puppy down training starts by understanding your puppy’s routine and catching them when they are in their natural placement.

Here is how you start teaching the ‘down’ command:

  1. Catch them in a place you want them to get down from.
  2. Say “Down” while pointing at the floor
  3. Once they get down, praise them by saying “Good down,” and give them a treat.

Consistency is key here, and catching your pup when they need to get ‘down’ will help you practice. For example, if they need to step down from the kitchen work surface or from trying to jump up at guests!

When training the ‘down’ command, you should always practice, even as your puppy gets older! As it can be a tricky one to remember.

How is your puppy training going? Let us know in the comments below.


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