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Training is key for your puppy, no matter what breed or age they are, so here are the best free puppy training videos around!

Teaching your puppy how to do tricks not only looks awesome but improves your their intelligence too. Learning new tricks and commands through positive games helps your puppy think actively.

Finding the right way to do this has never been easier! The online world has a whole repository of free puppy training videos on everything. From advice on how to teach your puppy to be alone, all the way to videos on every possible fun and awesome trick in the book.

Here are our top 10 free puppy training videos that will explain how to teach neat tricks to your puppy.

1. Sit and Stay

What better way to kick off the free puppy training videos list than with the most obvious?! Zak George helps Hazel learn how to sit and stay in his Dog Training Revolution video.

2. Give You the Paw

The Paw, or Handshake, is one of the most popular and easiest to learn tricks. Jo Anne Basinger explains how to teach it to your pup in minutes!

3. Lie Down

This trick is also super convenient when you need for our puppy to be still, like when visiting the vet’s office. Victoria Stilwell, an awesome dog trainer known for her Animal Planet show “It’s Me or the Dog” demonstrates a great technique to teach your pup to lie down.

4. Give Kisses

There is nothing cuter than a puppy showering you with affection, and now you can also get lots of kisses on command with this neat trick.

5. Fetch and Retrieve

Most puppies will happily run after a toy, but often times, get distracted and not bring it back. Jo Anne Basinger helps you teach your puppy how to retrieve the toy too.  

6. Drop an Item

Ken from McCann Dog training explains how to get your puppy to drop whatever they might have in their mouth – toy, your shoe or towel – with only a few some positive training sessions.

7. Roll Over

Kayl McCann goes on to explain how to teach even the most energetic pups to roll over on command.

8. Play Dead

This is probably the most awesome of the free puppy training videos, and Noble Woof Training brings all the tips on how to teach your pup to play dead on command.

9. Spin Around

This is a neat trick to teach to your puppy, especially because of all the variations you can teach!

10. Bedtime

The best trick of them all is to teach your puppy how to go to bed. It’s all about positive reinforcement and making their bed their safe zone.

The right technique is key to teaching your puppy awesome new tricks. All training games you do with your puppy should be force free – always go for the lure and treat reward techniques, and make sure to pick the right words for each command.

Remember the golden rule of puppy training – measure progress, not just the end result! And most importantly, enjoy all the free puppy training videos you can find!

Need help with training? Check out our training section HERE for more free advice!


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