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Puppy health advice, tips, tricks, and ideas.

shar pei with a clock - puppy feeding schedule feature image

Creating the Perfect Puppy Feeding Schedule

A puppy feeding schedule is not just for humans! When still reliant on its mother, a feeding dog will have already figured...
puppy crate training and toilet training feature image - puppies under the dock

How Puppy Crate Training Can Help Toilet Training

Did you know that crate training and toilet training go hand-in-hand when housebreaking a new puppy? This is primarily due to the...
two cute puppies together - puppy teenager feature image

How To Deal With A Puppy Teenager

Most dog owners would agree that living with a puppy teenager is almost as stressful as a human teenager. Hence the name...
puppy brain games feature image puppy carrying black toy

5 Puppy Brain Games for Stimulating Your Pup

Puppies are good at running and playing physical games that are good for physical exercise. Your puppy, however, also needs mental exercise....
pair of poodle puppies - hypoallergenic puppies feature - examples

Hypoallergenic Puppies: Myths And Facts

Hypoallergenic puppies are being discussed a lot right now. With dog-lovers trying to opt for breeds that won't set off asthma, or...
puppy lifestyle changes - two rottweilers on fence.

The Many Puppy Life Stages You Need To Know

Puppies grow so fast, it’s hard to notices the stages they go through. A puppy’s life stages may only be weeks apart,...
cute spaniel lying down looking upward. Puppy eyesight how much can my puppy see feature image

Puppy Eyesight: How Much Can My Puppy See?

During the life of your pup, their eyes will go through several changes. If you’ve ever wondered how puppy eyesight works, then...
homemade puppy treat recipe feature image - pug with treat in his mouth

3 Homemade Puppy Treat Recipes

When you get a puppy, you may find that there’s a lot of training involved. When training is happening, puppy treats can...
puppy hanging head out of car window - puppy travel tips feature image

5 Puppy Travel Tips For Your First Vacation

Travelling can be stressful for anyone; add a puppy into the equation and it’s nearly guaranteed. To avoid added stress and to...
Puppy Vaccinations cartoon of vet and corgi puppy

The Puppy Vaccinations You’ll Probably Need

The first veterinary appointment you’ll most likely make for your new furry friend will be for a health check and their first...