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Puppy shedding is different to dog shedding. All puppies will lose their ‘puppy’ coat, even the hypoallergenic breeds.

If you’ve ever rushed to work or on a night out, only to realise you’re covered in puppy fur, you’re not alone! But don’t worry, we’ll have you in control of your puppy shedding problem in no time!

Your brand-new fuzzy little peach of a puppy will begin to shed their first coat around four to six months of age. Their soft, downy fur will be replaced by a thicker adult coat, and this is when true puppy shedding begins.

Most dog owners will agree they spend more time trying to catch up with fur than successfully getting rid of it. Furry tumbleweeds can become a common occurrence when raising a dog.  

Here are three ways to take care of extra fur, starting with the most economical:

1. Start At The Source


Grooming can be a great bonding experience if you’re able to find a brush or comb that your pup enjoys. There are many choices at your local pet store. Check their return policies; you may be in luck if your pup doesn’t like the brush you’ve chosen.

Note: If your puppy doesn’t like being brushed, you can change this with positive reinforcement, patience and plenty of treats!


A monthly (or bi-weekly) bath will cut down on puppy shedding. Loose or dead

fur will comb away much easier after a good bath. Some pet stores have washing bays so you can pay a couple of dollars to bathe your puppy and not soak your entire house.

Firm Rules

Don’t allow your puppy on furniture or beds from day 1. It’s incredibly difficult to say no to those big puppy-dog eyes, but if you’re seriously concerned with puppy shedding, you need to lay down some rules from the get go.

2. Invest in Protection

Furniture Covers For Puppies

If you can’t say no to couch cuddles, buy a few washable furniture covers. They can range anywhere from $40 (£30) to $300 (£250). Specific pet-based options are best as they will stop your furniture from smelling too! Here’s a great options we’ve tried:

If you want to keep things matching or looking presentable, you could also buy a trendy throw blanket to go over the top. Just bare in mind that it will get ruined eventually and will need to be washed a lot, so don’t spend too much on it!

Car Protection For Puppies

If you bring your puppy everywhere you go, find protectors for your vehicle’s back seat or trunk. eBay and Amazon have really good deals. Read user reviews and find ones that are washing machine-friendly to get your money worth. This is one we’ve used:

3. Buy a Pet-Hair Specific Vacuum Cleaner

Most pet vacuums have a greater amount of suction, spinning brush heads for grabbing pet hair, and attachments that can reach the tumbleweeds under your furniture.  

As of March 2019, the Dyson Animal Upright Vacuum is rated #1 by pet owners. Dyson has a reputation for making the best vacuums, and it could be because you’ll need to remortgage your home to buy one.

A more affordable brand with great ratings are Shark pet vacuums so they are another option to try! Do your research and go by your budget. When it comes to puppy shedding you won’t be sorry you spent the extra money.

If puppy shedding is out of control and beyond the norm, talk to your veterinarian. Medical issues, allergies, and some foods can cause excessive shedding.


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