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Seeing a puppy in cute outfits is absolutely adorable, we can all agree. Yet is this really necessary, or is it for our own enjoyment?

Dressing up our pets can be a controversial topic. Some dogs need to be covered up, and some really do enjoy it, but not all do. So, these are the questions to ask yourself before deciding to put your puppy in cute outfits.

When Should I Put My Puppy In Cute Outfits?

  • In colder climates, your puppy might need the extra protection a jacket can provide. You can tell if your pup may need a coat when they are reluctant to go out in winter weather.  
  • Smaller toy breeds that have a thin coat or do not have a double coat can feel more comfortable with a sweater. Breeds who require close cuts when grooming will also be warmer wearing a jacket. This could make a big difference in your puppy’s well-being.
  • Dogs with thick coats will not require an extra source of warmth unless medical issues have caused them to lose fur. The double-coated breeds have an undercoat to keep them warm or cool year-round.

Are There Signs Of Anxiety When I Put My Puppy In Cute Outfits?

As long as no harm is being done, dressing puppies in baby clothes can be really cute and fun. Your puppy will show you if they feel uncomfortable being dressed up, and it’s important that you look for any signs of distress. These signs may include the following:

  • Obsessive itching
  • Rubbing against things
  • Panting
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Deep yawns
  • Trembling
  • Biting

If your puppy shows any of these signs when being dressed, take their hints seriously. Please don’t force your puppy in cute outfits if they hate it.

puppy wearing a dress and bow

Why Do I Want My Puppy To Wear This?

A cute photo session once in a blue moon might be a silly reason to dress up your puppy. If they don’t show any signs of stress, that’s perfectly fine. Some puppies in baby clothes enjoy the extra attention.

To give your puppy some real style, ask your groomer to add a cute bow to their fur. Don’t feel you should dress up your puppy just for extra attention from friends and family. Your puppy is going to bring loads of attention all by itself.  

One great puppy clothing addition is booties. If you feel your pup is uncomfortable in icy temperatures, or you want to keep down the mud tracked into the house, booties can be a great idea! Be sure to buy the correct size to protect your puppy’s feet, and don’t leave them on any longer than necessary.

Can Putting My Puppy In Cute Outfits Be Harmful?

Yes in some instances. Puppies in cute outfits can not only harm your relationship if they feel anxiety or trapped but can also cause chaffing, rubbing, or skin issues in some breeds. Putting clothes on a puppy that doesn’t need them can be harmful for their temperature regulation as well. It’s very easy for a puppy to become overheated.

All this being said, it’s up to you whether you want to dress your puppy. Be responsible and make sure you consider your puppy’s well-being when making this decision.


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