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The most popular training ‘trick’ is puppy fetch training. If you teach this to your dog properly, it’s such a great foundation to other games and interactions.

So, puppy fetch training actually starts with a ‘sit’ or ‘stay command.

  1. Have your dog sit and/or stay. Repeating “sit” or “stay” as you back away
  2. Toss a toy or ball a short distance. (no sticks, those can hurt the roof of their mouth)
  3. After throwing the toy you can say “fetch” or “get it”
  4. When your puppy retrieves it, say “come” or “come here”
  5. After they come back to you, enforce him to “drop it”
  6. Once he drops it, praise him and give him a treat

Make sure that every time you say fetch, when your puppy starts to bring it back, you’re very excited and show a lot of enthusiasm!

Puppy fetch training comes with a lot of commands and will take a bit more time than the other training ‘tricks’ to learn so be patient. It’s probably better to start with other beginner trainings first so you get the commands solidified, and then develop into the fetch.

Check out our Beginner puppy recall training first here.


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