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We’ve left 2020 behind and yet COVID-19 is still very much active. Social distancing and mask-wearing are still encouraged to minimise the spread and protect people from getting sick. But what about our four-legged family members? Can puppies catch the coronavirus? Here are the important facts you need to know about dogs and the coronavirus.

Dogs and the Coronavirus

The coronaviruses like COVID-19 are just one of the thousand kinds of viruses on earth. Some of these spread among humans only while some can also catch on to animals. We already know that COVID-19 originated from an animal, and this makes it possible for other animals like dogs to contract it as well.

Verified cases of dogs getting the coronavirus have been reported in other countries because of their interaction with infected humans. However, there is no evidence that infected dogs can spread it to other dogs.

The good news is, there’s little to no evidence that dogs can spread the virus to humans. However, it’s still recommended to follow health and safety protocols even around pets to avoid any further spread.

How to Protect Your Dog 

Here are some ways you can protect your pet and yourself from getting the coronavirus:

  • Practice proper hygiene. Wash your hands before petting your dog.
  • Don’t let other people near your pet, especially strangers.
  • Avoid crowded areas such as parks.
  • Wipe your dog clean after spending time outside. Wipe their paws and fur with cleaning wipes to remove any germs and viruses.
  • In case you contract the virus, stay away from your dog. Let other people care for your dog while you’re recovering.
  • Wear a face mask if you really have to go near or interact with your dog.

If your dog gets sick, contact your vet first before visiting to avoid any potential spread. The same health protocols would apply to your fur baby, like isolation and proper hygiene.

Yet the effects of the coronavirus aren’t severe for dogs. Only a small percentage have become mildly ill, while the rest didn’t show any adverse effects. Being vigilant and practising the required health protocols will ensure your pup remains happy and healthy during these times.


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