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The joys of giving puppy medicine how things have changed when it comes to administering pills and disgusting liquids!

Anyone who owns a dog has been there at some point. Chasing your pup, desperately trying to give them medicine, feeling like a mean owner. It can be hard giving puppy medicine. Lucky for you, we have some great tips to make it easier. Here are some effective and easy ways to give your puppy medicine.

Flavour. Is. Everything.

“Tastes awful but it works” – words of wisdom by the makers of Buckley’s. This is where our canine friends have a great advantage. When the time arrives for pills, our puppies get a lucky break! 

Pill pockets are amazing when it comes to giving puppy medicine. These are little morsels with a pocket, made to allow the pill to sit inside and be squished into the treat. Puppies who are quick to take treats without a second glance swallow these without noticing the bitter pill hidden inside.

These foods also work well to disguise pills and might already be in your fridge or cupboard!

• Hot dogs
• Cheese Whiz
• Cheese
• Boiled egg
• Cheese slices
• Peanut butter
• Bread
• Ham pieces

If possible, you may be able to break up pills to mix with soupy food as well. The only issue here is your puppy MUST eat all of the food it has been mixed into.

There’s a variety of foods you can choose from in our article “High-Value Puppy Treats.” You may be able to give your puppy their medication by holding it with the treat when they take it. The more delicious the treat, the easier it will be.

But what if I need to give my puppy a liquid medicine? 

Sometimes puppies need to take a liquid medication for allergies, antibiotics, or pain management. These medications are easiest to administer when using a small syringe. One of the best ways to give your puppy medicine is to lift their lip and slide the syringe in between the back teeth. Try not to squirt it into their mouth too quickly so they don’t accidentally choke.

If you’re having trouble giving puppy medication with a syringe, try mixing it into wet dog food or something they like. A good option is yogurt, or a little jam if they like sweets. 

Always check with your veterinarian for possible complications before crushing pills or mixing medication with foods.

You tried hiding medication in food but it didn’t work, now what?

Puppies can catch on to your human tricks. If your puppy won’t take a treat, or spits out the pill and swallows the food, you have one smart pup! 

Pill devices are a great way to get your stubborn puppy to take their pill. These products allow you to place the pill into your pup’s mouth, over the hump of their tongue. Once the pill has passed over this hump, your puppy will be forced to swallow the medication. 

No matter how difficult giving puppy medication can be, always reward your pup once the ordeal is over. This way, they can associate medication as a positive experience. If you’re having appetite-related issues with your sick puppy, we have an article “Reasons Your Puppy Isn’t Eating” that might be able to help.


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