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Yes, a puppy birthday party is a thing (and we’ve even seen puppy cake smashes too!) But how do you actually go about planning one?

If you want to celebrate your furbaby, their first puppy birthday party should be one to remember!

What’s In A Date?

If you don’t know your puppy’s birthday, no problem. You can still help them celebrate their “gotcha day” or any other special date that means something to you!

Planning Essentials

Just like planning any other event, you should consider these key areas for your puppy birthday party:

  1. The Guest List (puppies and human)
  2. Dog-Friendly Locations
  3. Party Themes
  4. The Food (probably the most important for the pooches!)

Here’s how to make sure you four-legged friends and two-legged friends have a great time:

1. The Guest List

The guest list is an important aspect of puppy birthday party planning. One important detail to remember is that all the dogs you want to invite should already have been introduced or very social by nature!

Any birthday party you plan will cause some stress for all the dogs that aren’t already acquainted, and introducing new dogs at a party is unwise.

A puppy birthday party is a great time to get all your puppy’s friends together. Places to look for pups to invite could include:

  • Pups from obedience class
  • Littermates
  • The neighborhood puppy
  • Acquaintances from their dog park
  • Of course your own friends and their dogs

Note: When inviting, make sure to let the humans know that they need to stay and can’t just drop their doggie off!

2. Dog-Friendly Locations

Location is important as well. Will it be an indoor or outdoor party? Is your yard large enough? What kind of weather is expected? Is there enough shade available? If not, will you be able to buy or rent something for shade?

Other possible locations to hold your first puppy party, if your home isn’t conducive, are a dog beach, a local park, a doggie daycare facility, or even another puppy-loving family member’s or friend’s house. Just be sure to get proper permission for public areas before you set everything up!

3. Party Themes

As far as a theme goes, choose one that you want and also fits with your dog’s fun personality. Things such as a backyard BBQ or doggie yoga are a cute idea. Almost anything that works for a human’s birthday party can also be a great theme for a puppy party.

4. The Food

The doggie birthday cake can be the best part of the puppy party. There are specific dog bakeries that offer puppy-friendly options, or you could try making your own puppy birthday cake like this one:

There are also online companies that will ship baked goods specially made for puppies nationally. These baked options are usually cookies or pup cakes (similar to cupcakes) instead of actual birthday cakes, but they might still be a great choice.

Overall, your puppy birthday party should be a fun experience for both you and your pup. Focus on that priority, and everything else will take care of itself.


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