Puppy health advice, tips, tricks, and ideas.

shar pei with a clock - puppy feeding schedule feature image

Creating the Perfect Puppy Feeding Schedule

A puppy feeding schedule is not just for humans! When still reliant on its mother, a feeding dog will have already figured...
puppy sitting on suitcase waiting for puppy pet passport

What Is A Puppy Pet Passport and How Do I Get One?

You may or may not have heard of the puppy pet passport, but it’s an excellent idea for traveling in some countries...
puppy being seen by the vet - puppy bloat symptoms

What Is Puppy Bloat?

You may have heard of fellow dog owners mention this life-threatening emergency, but what exactly is puppy bloat?
puppy not eating - lying on the floor feature image

Puppy Not Eating? Here Are Some Potential Reasons Why

Breakfast and lunch have passed, and yet there’s still a full bowl of kibble . . . Why is your puppy not...
puppy chewing a stick - puppy chewing causes feature image

The REAL Reason Your Puppy is Chewing

Puppies chew, it’s a fact, but people are often confused by puppy chewing causes. Why do they do it? Why won’t they...
puppy lifestyle changes - two rottweilers on fence.

The Many Puppy Life Stages You Need To Know

Puppies grow so fast, it’s hard to notices the stages they go through. A puppy’s life stages may only be weeks apart,...
anxious puppy - how to calm an anxious puppy

Useful Ways to Calm an Anxious Puppy

There are times during your puppy’s development when they will be nervous or scared, so it's important for owners to know how...
puppy worming feature image bunch of border collie puppies together

Puppy Worming: How To Make It Easier

Puppy worming can be a nightmare, but it’s vital! Not only does it protect them from parasites, but it protects other dogs...
Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies - puppy chewing a flower

5 Common Plants That Are Poisonous to Puppies

Plants are on trend for home and garden decor right now but do you have any plants that are poisonous to puppies...
overfeeding your puppy - fat pug puppy

Signs You’re Overfeeding Your Puppy

Every puppy has adorable curves, but would you be able to tell if your puppy was overweight? Obesity...