Puppy health advice, tips, tricks, and ideas.

Puppies with double coats - border collie pup

How to Care for Puppies with Double Coats

Puppies with double coats have two layers of fur. The underlayer consists of short fuzzy hairs and is very...
Puppy Ear Care

Puppy Ear Care: The Ultimate Guide

Puppy ears come in all shapes and dimensions: from delightfully small and pointy to adorably oversized. They’re an important part of your...
puppy chewing a stick - puppy chewing causes feature image

The REAL Reason Your Puppy is Chewing

Puppies chew, it’s a fact, but people are often confused by puppy chewing causes. Why do they do it? Why won’t they...
puppy hanging head out of car window - puppy travel tips feature image

5 Puppy Travel Tips For Your First Vacation

Travelling can be stressful for anyone; add a puppy into the equation and it’s nearly guaranteed. To avoid added stress and to...
winter puppy care tips feature image - two puppies playing in the snow

How To Take Care Of Your Puppy In The Winter

Winter can be tricky with puppies because you need to give them extra care and attention. Here are the winter puppy care...
puppy stretching for high value puppy treats

High Value Puppy Treats You Can Find At Home

High value puppy treats are the kind that your puppy finds irresistible, makes training a total breeze, and doesn’t break the bank.
puppy sitting in a food bowl on the grass - puppy food types feature image

What Type of Food Should I Feed My Puppy?

You walk into your local pet store and you’re bombarded with a variety of puppy food types. With such a huge selection...
puppy holding head down in between paws, a sign of separation anxiety in puppies

Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Puppies

One of the most common issues new owners face is separation anxiety in puppies. Every puppy will express...
pair of poodle puppies - hypoallergenic puppies feature - examples

Hypoallergenic Puppies: Myths And Facts

Hypoallergenic puppies are being discussed a lot right now. With dog-lovers trying to opt for breeds that won't set off asthma, or...
puppy worming feature image bunch of border collie puppies together

Puppy Worming: How To Make It Easier

Puppy worming can be a nightmare, but it’s vital! Not only does it protect them from parasites, but it protects other dogs...