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Puppy health advice, tips, tricks, and ideas.

puppy lifestyle changes - two rottweilers on fence.

The Many Puppy Life Stages You Need To Know

Puppies grow so fast, it’s hard to notices the stages they go through. A puppy’s life stages may only be weeks apart,...
car sickness in puppies - pup looking out of the window

Combating Car Sickness in Puppies

Unfortunately car sickness in puppies is a common problem, but there are a few different things you can try to avoid it.
puppy walking guidelines feature image - two puppies on lead meeting

How Much Should I Walk My Puppy?

You’d think that walking your puppy was pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few puppy walking guidelines you need to follow to...
Puppy Vaccinations cartoon of vet and corgi puppy

The Puppy Vaccinations You’ll Probably Need

The first veterinary appointment you’ll most likely make for your new furry friend will be for a health check and their first...
small puppy washing in a blue carrier pot. feature image for puppy bathing tips

8 Puppy Bathing Tips to Make Bath Time Easier

If you just got your first puppy, or you’re a puppy enthusiast, bathing can be an ‘experience’ the first few times. Some...
Adult food for puppies feature image - bullmastif meeting puppy for the first time

Adult Food For Puppies: Is It A Good Idea?

A commonly asked question is whether you should feed adult food for puppies. The short answer is no....
Puppies with double coats - border collie pup

How to Care for Puppies with Double Coats

Puppies with double coats have two layers of fur. The underlayer consists of short fuzzy hairs and is very...
winter puppy care tips feature image - two puppies playing in the snow

How To Take Care Of Your Puppy In The Winter

Winter can be tricky with puppies because you need to give them extra care and attention. Here are the winter puppy care...
puppy worming feature image bunch of border collie puppies together

Puppy Worming: How To Make It Easier

Puppy worming can be a nightmare, but it’s vital! Not only does it protect them from parasites, but it protects other dogs...
homemade puppy treat recipe feature image - pug with treat in his mouth

3 Homemade Puppy Treat Recipes

When you get a puppy, you may find that there’s a lot of training involved. When training is happening, puppy treats can...