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There are plenty of ways you can incorporate puppies in weddings. They can be ring bearers, ‘bridepups’ or ‘groomspooches’ or just be included on your special day.

Just be warned, they will steal the spotlight from you!  
We wanted to celebrate the wedding pups, so here are some some adorable puppies in weddings:

Driving Up The Aisle Like…

Imagine being this cool and chill that you’re driving up the aisle. Oh yeah, and you’re a dog!

Surprise Ring Bearer

Incorporating your furry best friend as a surprise to your new spouse.

Part of The Engagement

Let’s start at the very beginning with a puppy proposal!

The Ultimate Wedding Surprise

Make it a day full of surprises for your significant other.

Celebrity Pooch Wedding

And they call it, puppy loooooooveee.

Wedding From A Puppy Perspective

Ever wondered how a puppy views the world? Here’s what they see on your big day.

Adopt A Puppy At The Wedding!

Use your wedding as a platform for good! Run a puppy adoption for your guests. Just remember to get professionals in to help and do it properly.

The BestPooch Best Man!

Man’s best friend, needs to be by his side on his big day.

Hero Dog Saves The Wedding Day

This is a new level of fun for your wedding. Of course your pooch can save your big day if you’re in trouble.

Cute dogs and puppies in weddings can make your big day even more special. But always remember what is best for the puppies! Avoid using them as props and always consider everything carefully before giving puppies as gifts!


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