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5 Puppy Travel Tips For Your First Vacation

5 Puppy Travel Tips For Your First Vacation

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Travelling can be stressful for anyone; add a puppy into the equation and it’s nearly guaranteed. To avoid added stress and to get you to your destination on time, we packed in five puppy travel tips for your first vacation. Keep on reading to find out more information on how you and your furry friend can get from point A to point B, hassle-free.

Start With A Test Drive

If you’re travelling by car and your puppy doesn’t have much experience in a vehicle, take them for test drives. If you’re able to, do this several times until your puppy feels comfortable, you will help take away a lot of travel anxiety for your furry friend.

Try different times of the day to see what works best and then continue with whichever time you choose. Doing it on a schedule can help even more by building up a routine and spending time driving. Avoid taking them after a meal, but instead when your puppy has just come back from a walk and is tired.

Doing this can help take away any motion sickness, travel anxiety (yes, puppies get that too), or agitation they may have. If your puppy isn’t calming down after doing this, it may be best to leave them in doggy daycare or with a family member or look at getting a professional puppy trainer.

Get a Pre-Travel Check-Up

One of the most important puppy travel tips is to get a check-up at the vet before leaving. If you’re travelling by plane, depending on the location you’re in, this can be a requirement for your pet to fly. So, always make sure to check online before booking.

If your puppy has any pre-existing conditions or will need medication during your travels, it is important to be stocked up on whatever is needed. If they do have medicine that they take at specific times, make sure you will have access to your puppy (i.e., that they’re not stowed in cargo on a plane) at the time the medication should be taken.

Check For Puppy-Friendly Accommodations

This one is one of the easiest to do on this list. If you’re travelling for more than a day and need to grab a hotel for the night, make sure that the hotel is puppy-friendly. Sometimes there is a charge for this, so be prepared for that as well. A lot of hotels keep their pet-friendly rooms on the ground level, making it easy to transport them to the room and for them to go on toilet breaks. Some hotels even provide a small pet park for your puppy to run around and play in.

Puppy Packing

Just a quick reminder to pack a bag for your puppy too. This can include their favourite toy or blanket. Remember to bring plenty of food and a drinking bowl so your puppy can drink along the way.

Find The Right Apps

Believe it or not, there are apps that can make travelling with a puppy much easier. Check out the list below and download any that you could see fitting your travel plans.

  • Bring Fido – This app allows you to search hotels, restaurants, stores, parks, and beaches that allow dogs.
  • Dog Park Finder Plus –  The app helps you find dog parks on your travelling route.
  • Red Cross Pet First Aid – This app allows you to find the closest vet.
  • Dog Vacay –  If you need a puppy sitter while on the vacation, this is the app for you.

Do you have any puppy travelling tips? How do you travel with your puppy? Let us know in the comments!


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