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It’s a common misconception that you need to stop a puppy chewing, but the truth is, there is a difference between destructive chewing and natural chewing behaviour.

Chewing is natural, particularly for puppies who are teething, so they will need an outlet to stop a puppy chewing your furniture or other things they’re not supposed to. Here’s how to deal with it:

Positive Reinforcement To Stop A Puppy Chewing

Here are 5 ways you can reinforce good chewing behaviour:

  1. Teach your puppy how to “Drop”. Use treats to encourage them to let go of their toy. Each time your pup lets go, repeat several times “Drop”. With practice and proper puppy training, you will soon have the ability to ask them to drop unwanted objects.
  2. Reward your puppy with affection and treats whenever they play with their own toys. (Do not allow unsupervised play with anything that could break off, choke them, or be swallowed)
  3. Daily walks and play will work off any pent up energy. A tired puppy is not a destructive puppy!
  4. If you catch your pup with something inappropriate, stop your puppy from chewing by distracting them with their own toys, and reward them greatly.
  5. Write down the times of day you catch your little one chewing. Now you can get ahead of them, and offer a chewy treat or toy at these times.

Tips To Avoid Destructive Chewing

  1. Keep your home tidy. Never leave important objects within your puppies grasp or reach.
  2. Close doors to your bedrooms, or areas you don’t want your puppy to go.
  3. If you must leave your puppy, crate train them properly.
  4. Bitter tastes and smells can stop your puppy from chewing unwanted items. Most pet stores sell bitter apple spray, but you can also try natural lemon juice.
  5. Keep your puppy entertained. Boredom most often leads to chewing and destructive behaviour.
  6. Avoid negative training! It won’t stop a puppy from chewing, and can, in fact, make it much worse!

The Best Way To Stop A Puppy Chewing

Introduce safe and natural chew toys which can satisfy their chewing behaviour without it being your favourite shoes!

Try these natural options:

Pre-Treated Antlers

Deer, elk, and moose antlers harvested during the shedding season are not only good for your puppies teeth, but also a humane source of chewing pleasure!

Large Beef Marrow Bones

Raw bones remove plaque, contain calcium vitamins and minerals.

Frozen Carrots

Whole frozen carrots are great for a teething puppy. They have tons of vitamins and antioxidants, and are cost-effective too.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks made purely from meat, NOT rawhide, are cooked and hardened to make safe chew sticks for your puppy.

Tree Roots

Another natural chew toy is made from tree roots. Harvested in an Eco-friendly manner, tree tubers provide many nutrients and slightly different chewing texture. Plus, they don’t splinter.

Now that you have some ideas on how to keep your puppy busy and safe, you can stop worrying about your furniture getting destroyed!

Be sure to check out our other article on puppy chewing causes HERE for full info on why your puppy could be chewing!


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