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The REAL Reason Your Puppy is Chewing

The REAL Reason Your Puppy is Chewing

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Puppies chew, it’s a fact, but people are often confused by puppy chewing causes. Why do they do it? Why won’t they stop? Is it natural?

Prancing about, slipping and sliding across the floor, grabbing a hold of whatever they can and having a good gnaw. Although this behaviour may seem a bit foolish, it’s all completely natural! So, here are the main puppy chewing causes you need to be aware of and cater for.

There’s a huge difference between natural chewing and destructive chewing, so understanding puppy chewing causes can allow you to curb the bad behaviour, and encourage the right one!

An ever curious mind

Your puppy is chewing is because they are constantly learning. Since he or she doesn’t have those wonderful appendages we call “hands”, they use their mouths to experience the world around them.

Think of a human baby, as soon as they gain the ability to grasp, they will take hold of anything within their reach. Well, your puppies teeth and tongue are kind of like toddler hands. Touching and tasting everything, to learn what is undoubtedly delicious, and what feels good on those sore teething gums.

Your puppy is Teething

Just like people, puppies go through two sets of teeth. By the time you’ve adopted your little scamp, you’ll notice a tiny set of needle sharp (yet adorable) teeth. These 28 puppy teeth will eventually fall out as 42 new teeth push through to replace them. This is one of your puppies’ chewing causes, because chewing  relieves the pressure and discomfort of their adult teeth coming in.

Puppies will lose their first few teeth around 3-4 months old, finishing around the age of 6-8 months.


Puppies need a lot of exercise, and mental stimulation. Depending on the breed of your pup, some may need more than others. If your puppy doesn’t have enough toys, with enough variety, they will chew on whatever they can find.

Without the mental distraction of challenging toys and games, puppies will chew destructively, as this releases their pent up energy and excitement.

Separation Anxiety / Loneliness

Another reason puppies chew and become destructive is due to anxiety and fear. This can happen when being left for short periods of time, such as going to the bathroom if you shut them out, or during longer periods, while you’re at work.

Puppies need constant supervision. Always make sure your pup is in a safe space when being left alone, and be sure to give them a couple choices of safe toys. Your pup has spent its entire life up until now, with its mother and siblings. Because dogs are pack animals, it’s normal for them to feel loneliness.

Medical Issues

If you’ve ruled out the above puppy chewing causes, its best to get a veterinarians’ opinion. Sometimes a puppy will chew due to mineral or vitamin deficiencies that are caused by intestinal parasites, or a poor diet.

Some dogs will even chew as a coping mechanism, because of uncomfortable pains or cramping. A few quick tests and a physical exam can rule out any medical problems, and you will feel much better knowing your pup is healthy and safe.

If your puppy is a chewer, and you want to know how to prevent destructive chewing behaviour, check out our article on “How to Stop Destructive Chewing”.


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