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Puppy bath training sounds silly, but the fact is, if you introduce the bath to your puppy incorrectly, you could give them a fear of water. That is hard to break long-term.

It’s very simple and all about having patience. So here’s the three steps to getting puppy bath training nailed immediately:

1. Play There First

Get in the bath with your puppy (without water in) with some treats, their favorite toy, or maybe even their comfort. Then just play for a bit.

Let them sniff around, figure it out for themselves and every time they show a positive reaction, reward them.

Then step out of the bath, leaving them in there and repeat.

Note: It might take several attempts and if they show signs of distress try to distract them with a toy or doing a trick in the bath.

2. Introduce Water

This should be done on a seperate day after practicing the first step a couple of times.

Just run the tap warm (at bath temperature) without the plug in and let your puppy explore. Continue to play games as in step 1, and every time they approach or interact with the water – reward them.

If you’re opting to shower your puppy, this is also the stage where you would turn the shower on. Ideally not on your puppy and repeat the step.

Try to incorporate a few splashes so your puppy gets used to getting water on them. That way it isn’t such a big shock when you fill it up!

3. Puppy’s First Bath

You should find your puppy bath training has meant your pup is excited to get in the bath for the first time.

Now you can start filling it up. Only a few inches at first and see how they respond.

To start with we would recommend using a cup to wash your puppy rather than a shower to get them used to it – then, when they are confident, you can introduce the shower slowly.

The earlier you start puppy bath training the better and it won’t be long before bathing just becomes part of their normal routine! Don’t avoid it if they don’t like the water, just go at a rate your puppy is comfortable with. It can take patience, particularly if there is a natural fear. It is important not to push them.

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