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Puppy Care Tips For An Apartment

Puppy Care Tips For An Apartment

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Puppy care tips for an apartment are important if you want to protect your walls, and your security deposit. There are different rules to follow compared to living in a house, and your puppy will need a little more attention to remain happy and healthy in a smaller living environment!

Here are our best puppy care tips for apartment living:

Apartment Levels

If it’s possible, get a ground level apartment. This will make taking your dog out for potty training at 3:00 in the morning a bit less stressful. If this isn’t possible due to the apartments’ availability, make a bathroom for the dog on your balcony or any outside area. You can purchase faux grass to help the bathroom experience a little less strange for your puppy when you finally transition.

Hire A Dog Walker

If you are at work all day and your puppy is couped up in a small apartment, this can cause them to be stressed or lonely, leading to destructive behaviors like chewing.

It’s best to send your dog to a daycare or hire a dog walker to help give your furry friend some human interaction. Having a dog walker allows your dog to get exercise and get some energy out. Plus, getting them outside helps with socialization too!

The Right Dog

Unfortunately most apartments have weight limits for dogs that usually cater to the smaller breeds. If you’re reading this and you don’t already have a pup, be sure to check your lease or talk to your landlord about weight limits and pet fees.

A lot of people also advise that if you plan on apartment living for an extended period of time to get a quiet dog. This will help you to avoid noise complaints and keep your relationship civil with those who live around you. Your puppy’s breed will also depend on the size they will grow to, and the amount of exercise they will need. Working dog puppies for example need a lot more than a chihuahua for example.

Protect Your Floors

No matter if you have a puppy or an older hound, keeping your floors protected will also keep your wallet protected. If you have wood floors, it’s suggested to put down rugs or mats to avoid any scratching.

Bathroom accidents can also cause wood floors to discolor and warp which will make your landlord less than pleased. Make sure they have designated areas for eating, drinking and chewing on toys and bones so you can further avoid this. It could also be helpful to looking into keeping your puppy’s nails trimmed to a safe length where they won’t scratch up the flooring.

These are just a few puppy care tips in an apartment to keep you, your best friend, and your wallet happy! Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments.


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