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Keeping your house and your pup clean is important for a healthy home. But antibacterial sprays and cleaners aren’t safe for pups and can do more harm than good. Find out why antibacterial spray can harm your puppy.

Why Antibacterial Spray Can Harm Your Puppy

The main ingredients of antibacterial spray and other household cleaning products are toxic to puppies and other animals. These are alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and other chemical compounds. So while we use them to clean our hands or homes, these can make your puppy sick or even be a cause of death.

How to Clean Your Home and Puppy Safely

Use Non-Toxic Cleaners

If you have pets at home and they roam around the house, your best bet is to use non-toxic and pet-safe cleaning products. These are just as effective in cleaning your home but won’t harm your puppy. You can also use it to sanitise your puppy’s toys and other items. 

If you want to clean your pup, be sure to use dog cleaning wipes. These are gentle enough to be used on their paws, face, and body.

Store Toxic Cleaners Properly

Should you still need to use toxic cleaners, store them at a high place that can’t be reached by your puppy. If you’ll use them to clean the floor or other parts of the house, make sure you don’t leave any residue and the area is dry before letting your puppy walk around.

When using antibacterial sprays, make sure your puppy won’t be able to ingest them. As much as possible, use non-toxic cleaning products for your pup’s toys and other things.


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