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Puppies are bundles of energy! They need loads of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. But, you need to keep things interesting! As well as walking, and puppy brain games, you should also check out fun sports and activities for your puppy.

These puppy sports ideas will help strengthen your bond and, of course, get some more exercise! Aim to find those that play into your puppy’s natural instinct!

Let’s look at some puppy sports ideas you can choose from.

Agility Training

Canine agility is a competitive sport. It is comprised of your puppy learning to run and jump through an obstacle course. The course may include tunnels, different walkways, hurdles, etc.  This type of training is a great mental and physical exercise for your puppy. As well as an excellent confidence booster.

The height and intensity of the course can be adjusted to accommodate little dogs as well as bigger ones.

Here’s an example of puppy agility training:


Frisbee-throwing competitions are fun! The puppy and handler work together to score points. The owner throws the frisbee as far as possible, and the puppy must chase it, catch it, and bring it back. Frisbee throwing also includes seeing how high and how accurately a puppy can catch the Frisbee.

Dock Diving

This sport is beyond fun. Dock diving involves having your dog run off a dock and seeing how far out into the water he can go. It is similar to high jumping. There is also a part that measures the dog’s vertical leap and the “ultimate,” which is when your puppy runs and jumps off the dock and attempts to catch a toy in his mouth. Puppys who love water will love this sport.

Here’s a little about this sport from the American Kennel Club:

Lure Chasing

Lure chasing is used instead of a more traditional rabbit hunt and involves the dog trying to run the course the fastest. Sometimes obstacles may be involved as well. This is a great way for puppies to chase and run and burn a lot of energy.


Some breeds really use their nose and enjoy ferreting out small animals or following scents. Tracking is a great activity for these dogs and allows them to use their natural instinct. Additionally, puppies that are proficient at tracking may be able to use this skill as a search-and-rescue dog.


Certain breeds of dogs have a herding instinct. By competing in herding trials, you are giving your puppy a way to use that natural instinct in a constructive way. This is a great outlet for herding dogs that may be living in more urban areas.


Obedience competitions are a great mental exercise for puppies. Puppies are judged by how well they perform various obedience commands. To do this well requires a lot of teamwork between the owner and the puppy. This encourages bonding and is a good way to work on basic commands.

All these puppy sports ideas are a great way for you and your dog to bond. They also provide some much-needed physical exercise!

If you’re looking to give your puppy a mental challenge, check out our puppy brain games!


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