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If you’re going out for a little while, or even just leaving the room, puppy puzzle toys are a great idea to keep the little ones busy.

Puppies need to be kept active mentally as well as physically, otherwise it can lead to destructive chewing or naughty behavior.

Puppy puzzle toys are available in a variety of types and sizes so you can pick the ones perfect for your puppy and their preferences when it comes to play.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites:

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel

The Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel is a fun puzzle toy that your puppy will love playing with. This hide-and-seek toy comes with a plush trunk and four squeaky squirrels for you to hide inside. Your puppy will have lots of fun trying to ferret out the hidden squirrels.

You can also use this toy to play fetch. Since the squirrels are not attached, they make great fetching toys.

FREESOO Snuffle Mat

This snuffle mat is sure to entertain and stimulate your puppy while you are away. You simply hide dog treats and let your dog’s nose do the rest. This mat will help your puppy work on their sense of smell and natural foraging ability.

This particular mat is a good option because it has lots of different games in one. But there are other options out there that just has tassles. Or you can make your own!

Outward Hound Dog Twister Dog Puzzle Toy Dog Game

This is an advanced puppy puzzle game for those very clever pups! It’s a great tool to use in slowing down eating and to also encouraging your puppy to use their cognitive skills. In order to get the treats, your puppy needs to figure out the 9 locking switches and sequential steps to open it.

As your puppy gets better at this game, you can hide different foods for them to find. This game helps your puppy use reasoning to figure out how to get to the treats, which  automatically slows down how quickly they eat. Also this puppy puzzle toy is made out of safe, non-toxic materials.

Kong: Classic Dog Toy

Kong toys are classic for a reason. For most pups they last forever and never fail to entertain. For extreme chewers and biters, there are other options to cater to them too. These toys can be stuffed with peanut butter and kibble and the aim is to try and get it out.

Kong toys come in different sizes so you can pick the right one for your pup. These toys also bounce in unexpected directions so it keeps your dog guessing if they are a toy thrower. You use these toys for playing fetch and for satisfying your dog’s urge to chew.

OurPet IQ Treat Ball

The OurPet IQ Treat Ball is a great option for you to give your puppy as a puzzle toy. You fill the treat ball with your puppy’s favourite treats and they have to figure out how to turn the ball so the treats will fall out.

This treat ball encourages physical movement since your puppy has to walk around and nudge the ball to get it in the right position to release treats. It encourages mental and physical activeness but is perfect for puppy beginners.

Keep your puppy’s interest in these toys by only allowing them to play with them on special occasions like when you’re not there, or as an extra special treat!  


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