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Are you worried your puppy is getting bored while you’re working from home? While bored pets usually find a way to entertain themselves, the way they do it can sometimes be destructive to your clothes or furniture. That’s why we’re about to give you several ideas on how to entertain your puppy while you work from home.

Entertain your puppy by being involved

While you might think that you’ve run out of ideas on how to entertain your puppy, remember that pets usually like when they get something new to play with. 

Play tug of war – Puppies love playing tug of war. The best thing is that you don’t have to play for long. Even several minutes of playing will be enough mental and physical stimulation for your pet. If you don’t have a toy to play with, you can always make one out of your old shirts or other pieces of cloth.

Play guess which hand – Guessing games can also be a lot of fun and you can incorporate them into some form of obedience training as well. All you need are dog treats or some vegetables. You can even use a smaller toy if your puppy has one. Playing for a few minutes is a sure way to entertain your puppy.

Play hide and seek – While you might not have a lot of time to play while working, stretching your legs after long periods of sitting is good for your health, which means playing hide and seek will be good for both you and your puppy. 

Play fetch – Simple yet effective. You get to play and entertain your puppy while still being able to get some work done.

Entertain your puppy with toys

Here are some ideas to entertain your puppy while you focus more on work.

Chewing toys with treats – You can get your puppy a chewing toy that can be stuffed with treats or peanut butter. That will surely entertain your puppy for hours! Something similar would be a food dispensing toy where your pet needs to play with the toy in order to get the food out.

Find the treats – You can hide treats or small batches of food around the house and let your puppy explore and find them.Block of ice – Another fun idea is to put some toys (like a rope or a chewing toy) into a cup of water along with some food and freeze it. Give the block of ice to your puppy. Your pet will lick and chase the block around, and as it melts, they will get treats or toys to play with. Just make sure you do it on kitchen tiles so it’s easier to clean up afterwards.


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