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Recently, more and more dog owners have been explaining how puppy massage has helped their pooch. Yet canine massage is not a new concept!

Deciphering history books and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics shows that animal massage has been practised for thousands of years. Trigger point massage charts have been found in China and Egypt with human patients as well as dogs and horses. Only recently have we brought this practice back into the mainstream. 

Due to the popularity of equine (horse) massage, dog owners were able to see the amazing benefits and put this into practice with their canine companions. This most likely began with puppy massage given to champion hunters and working breeds.

When it comes to puppies, how can massage benefit your little one?

Massage does wonders for a person’s body and mind. Coincidentally, the positive results felt by people are also felt by our pups! Some of these benefits include:

♥ Relieves inflammation
♥ Treats hip dysplasia pain
♥ Calms anxiety
♥ Relaxes strained muscles
♥ Reverses muscle atrophy
♥ Relieves chronic pain
♥ Releases endorphins
♥ Releases trigger point pains
♥ Relieves muscle tension
♥ Helps to regain strength
♥ Calms hyperactivity
♥ Aids recurring muscle spasms

Puppy massage can be used to treat physical ailments your pup may have suffered. It can even be used to help your pooch relax before or after uncomfortable situations such as vet appointments or nail clipping! If your puppy suffers from separation anxiety, being able to relax them before you leave could help immensely.

Please keep in mind that puppy massage is not a substitute for veterinary attention. If your pup has suffered an accident or illness, get the OK from your vet before enrolling them in puppy massage.

Is there any training involved for your dog to be eligible for puppy massage?

Fortunately, very basic obedience training will be all your puppy needs! Physical contact is usually all it takes to have your puppy accept a massage. Since puppy massage is such a natural feeling to your pup, you should have no problem practising massage with your pup.

All you need to do is find a licensed canine masseuse

Due to the growing popularity of puppy massage, you may have a licensed masseuse right in your town! Try your local groomers first, then branch out to veterinarians and even equine vets. If you aren’t able to find someone in your area who give canine massage, you might have just found yourself a new career!

There are many courses you can take for canine massage. These tend to run anywhere from $200 to thousands. Do your research and find one that covers what you are most interested in. Some offer essential oils for canines, while others allow the option to cover horse massage as well. Several cities in larger populations have schools dedicated to animals, with massage therapy courses available too. 

So how much can you expect to pay for a puppy massage?

The cost will vary greatly depending on the masseuse, but the average session is between $35 and $50. These might be paid for in advance at a discount when you purchase more than one session. 

If your little one suffers from anxiety, puppy massage can help. Until you’re able to find a masseuse, read our article “Useful Ways to Calm an Anxious Puppy” for some quick tips!


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